What does Save Our Boys and Girls do?

Save Our Boys and Girls is a social enterprise, (CiC) that means, we are not-for-profit which was set up in February of 2018. We use our own finances and also raise money to cover our operational costs, providing young people with FREE creative opportunities. We are a youth led organisation, listening to our youth board for feedback and ideas. We provide and create opportunities for young people and adults in the UK, aged (3 to adults ) on non-targeted programmes and (13 to 24) on targeted programmes.  We inspire, engage, change and support young people and adults to help pursue positive lifestyles and paths through the creative arts and professional qualifications for specific sectors such as construction, whilst developing new skills helping to support and  sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle, which in turn supports the wider communities. 

We provide programmes which explore individual passions, strengths, intelligences and feelings, expressing through creative arts such as music and dance, music production, song writing/rapping/poetry, film, acting and  later leading to production, media, radio, sports such as BMX, website building and TV interview techniques. Gaining knowledge, qualifications and much needed professional work experience, which helps to create an individual industry specific CV.  Our mentoring scheme and network events gives the ability to network with celebrities and peers. We provide training opportunities, work experience, shadowing, work/music professionals mentors, CV, interview techniques, applications, DBS and FREE PEE clothing for construction workers.  We have part time and full time jobs. with our partners that we can directly refer too. 


Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry! We offer a variety of high-quality courses designed to prepare you for your next step. We offer placement tests to help match you to your skill level.

Programmes insight 

Our programmes, workshops and events can run anywhere from 1 to 6 hours hours a day, up to 5 days a week, including weekends.  Each programme will include 2 members of SOBAG staff and a young SOBAG ambassador. 

We provide all resources and equipment and can provide up to 20 spaces per programme. 

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and emphasize the learning process. We also provide high quality  (contract compliant) paperwork and provide detailed feedback including: 

  1. IAG sessions
  2. Action Plans and Reviews
  3. Attendance register & Time tables
  4. Programme Certificates
  5. Outcome based paperwork
  6. Client feedback Survey 
  7. Photos or video footage 


All of our staff have been appropriately screened and vetted and all hold and up to date enhanced DBS. All staff have passed our policies and procedures checks. SOBAG staff will where ID Badges at all times. 



We are a collection of solution focused, non-blaming, passionate, experienced and passionate professionals with backgrounds in Music, Radio, TV, Film production, Dance, Sports, The public sector, Charities,  Global accountancy businesses, Recruitment, training and employment, Welfare to work, Drug and alcohol awareness, Domestic Violence, Gang awareness and county lines, Psychology and Mental health, early years intervention and behaviours and ex-offender rehabilitation

What unites us here at SOBAG, is our absolute determination to do something to “save our young people” and our core belief system that positivity and inspiration and self-awareness and development can and will help young people to make better choices and decisions.  

WE WORK WITH all organisations: Such as  Statutory organisations, Local Councils, Grass root organisations, Probation, Youth Offending Teams, Schools, PRU's , after school clubs , Community Centres and colleges.

OUR ACTION  is largely preventative, although we also provide interventions for those who are at risk or need more bespoke 121 and specialist support

Meet our Founder

Gemma Fox


After a high profile and recent spate of attacks in her borough (Camden), local LB Camden resident, Gemma Fox, a former Recording Artist for (Polydor/Universal records) and European Social Fund Award Winner, decided to do something about it. As a well-known Urban music artist & experienced Youth Mentor, Tutor and Employability Advisor, Gemma is both well connected and knowledgeable, so was the ideal person to call the first Public Meeting which was held in March 2018. 

During the event, it was evident that there were several members present who had a wealth of expertise. An instant decision was made to form a committee.  The demand was clear and urgent, the committee had the combined skills and resources required so Save Our Boys and Girls were then established. 





Founder of Save our Boys and Girls a multi-award winning and highly acclaimed UK Urban Music Artist, who has been in the Music & Performance industry since 2001. Gemma is an advocate and Ambassador for Female Empowerment and Domestic Violence, Gemma works tirelessly campaigning for various other charities. Gemma has managed contracts for Serco, Catch 22, Nacro, City Gateway, SLB CFBT and the route to work programme in conjunction with Catch 22 funded by HSBC. With many years experience managing ESF and SFA GLA (corporate funded contracts) won Gemma an award for ESF most outstanding tutor / mentor and employer in 2011. An experienced Youth Engagement Officer and female Entrepreneur Gemma brings both skill and passion to the organisation. Gemma's passion to help young people is what drives the rest of the Save our Boys and Girls team.




Highly skilled and experienced Sound Engineer and Producer in the Music Industry. Anthony spent many years working for high-profile labels such as Sony, EMI and BMG and has additionally spent over 10 years working as a Youth Worker in Haringey. 

The only Work Experience Ambassador in Haringey from his sector. Anthony has tirelessly engaged young people into positive skills-based placements. Anthony additionally created his own Not-For-Profit CIC, Creative Youth Zone CIC, which allows young people engaging to pursue qualifications and real careers in the Music industry. 

Another company He runs is Young & Gifted, a CIC company that showcases the talents of young people in all areas of life. An excellent mentor, Anthony’s personable nature makes him very approachable to young people when building mentoring relationships.



Kelly Ewers is an experienced business transformation, bid writer and service design expert, with specialist expertise in criminal justice, gender specific services, welfare services, public services and stakeholder engagement. I have led projects from concept and service design, through to solution architecture and bidding and then on too mobilisation. Most recent examples include the design of a rehabilitation industries model for HMP Berwyn, including being part of the winning bid team and transformation consultancy following the launch of the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda.

Kelly has led a number of new service design projects and complex mobilisation activities for new services, including developing a women’s strategy under the new transforming rehabilitation contracts, designing a health and wellbeing model, designing innovation pilots for the National Citizens Service, designing and leading the design & business transformation for a new professional services center, building supply chains and partnerships strategies and designing a rehabilitation methodology to support prison industries growth. 

A key area of this work has included building robust partnerships with key stakeholders to consult and test service design approaches; she has built up an extensive network including links with Local Authority CEO’s, Community Safety Partnership Heads, the voluntary sector, key stakeholders such as MOPAC and key suppliers. 

Kelly has also worked as a freelance consultant specialising in supporting solution and service deign, bid writing and production, fundraising, research and report writing, social research, stakeholder engagement and supporting the mobilisation of contracts.

Operationally she has held senior management roles and has a demonstrable track record in delivering high performing contracts, successfully managing teams, creating a cohesive culture and delivering transformational business plans. 

Kelly has a first class honors in social policy and sociology, a masters in women and child abuse and is currently studying for a PhD in policing, crime and community safety. She is Prince 2 qualified and has experience in six sigma and agile methodologies.


Areas of Expertise;

  • Ø  Service design, including concept realisation, market testing and solution architecture
  • Ø  Business Transformation and complex contract mobilisation
  • Ø  Partnerships, supply chain design and management
  • Ø  Criminal justice
  • Ø  Gender specific services
  • Ø  Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Management
  • Ø  Welfare to work, including employer engagement




Messy Jam is community based dance school that was formed in Barton, in September 2006 with just six dancers. Since then, the school has grown enormously in size, talent and enthusiasm. Children are accepted at the school, from 4yrs upwards, no experience is necessary. The only qualification needed is the passion to dance. The styles taught range from Street, commercial hip pop, lockin n popin, breakin and bashment. Of the dancers, all have an opportunity to perform at the various shows and events that the school are invited to, as well as performances hosted by the dance school.

​More recently the children have embarked on musical theatre work and competition which they thoroughly enjoy.
The trophies and medals gained speak for themselves

Our performances stem from: “Got to dance, Britain’s Got Talent, Move it, World of Dance UK, Musical Theatre productions & Street Dance Competitions & weekenders 
                   videos, live performances for music artist. We also support Charity events, school and community performances.

In the recent past all three crews MJ Krupt, BlackOut and Mayhem have won places to compete in the European Street Dance Championships
​in Paris and Germany



Cat Park has been a key figure within the UK urban music scene for over a decade. Having managed the seminal UK television for urban music, Channel U/AKA for 8 years, Cat has played a key part in todays thriving music scene. Spotting talent at a very early stage of their career and giving them support, Cat was able to help promote the likes of Tinie Tempah, Chip, Wretch 32, N-Dubz, Skepta, Devlin and many more to a huge network, giving them their fist taste of TV support prior to their breakthrough in the mainstream and helping to build a fanbase.

Always taking a hands-on approach, Cat has applied herself in various roles that have seen her gather a broad spectrum of skills. From writing video treatments for music videos and co-producing TV shows for MTV Base, through to releasing records and promoting them herself, Cat has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the music industry and the many elements within it. Cat’s experience led her to manage the independent record label, 360 Records for 3 years, overseeing and coordinating releases for Devlin as well as campaign managing Lethal Bizzle – POW 2011 and LOTM 3 release; both of which gained top 40 successes in the charts during 2011/2012 and became some of the first independent releases in the urban sector to find mainstream success.

At the end of 2012, Cat started her own company, Ten Letter PR. Using her experience and understanding, the company was designed to bridge the gap between the underground and the mainstream. Cat wanted to use her wealth of expertise, industry experience and extensive network of contacts to drive the underground forward and advise artists on how to manage their campaigns and successfully remain consistent whilst delivering their music. 

In the first two years of starting Ten Letter, Cat had more than doubled her work force and employed 4 women within the industry. 

The team successfully ran the ‘Young Kingz’ mixtape campaign for Krept & Konan, which became a Guinness World Record breaker and was the key catalyst for their signing to Virgin EMI. Ten Letter then went on to run the campaign for Jhene Aiko which saw her break in to the UK and become the fastest selling E.P in Roc Nation’s history.

Cat has since gone on to remain a key champion of the UK music scene and has become the go-to for urban music campaigns within the PR world. Covering radio, online, TV and press, she is able to offer a full service with a dedicated and passionate team and has played a role in the journeys of Mist, Bugzy Malone, Ocean Wisdom, Toddla T, The Late Cadet, Boy Better Know, Poundz and D Block Europe to name a few. 

For further information on Cat Park and her work, you can find her in the following articles:: BBC/I-D/CLASH /TRENCH

Official Links: || @CattiPark|@TenLetterPR | @TenLetterRADIO| @TenLetterRECORD|

All UK Press Enquiries: || || @TenLetter



For the past 12 years, Michael Pusey MBE, aka DJ CK Flash has been working in the heart of Peckham, engaging large numbers of young people in the Sport of BMX. 

He was responsible for establishing Peckham BMX sports club and CIC IN 2003. 

He has worked with some of the hardest to reach young people from Peckham and surrounding boroughs and engaged them in grass roots sports, working hard to motivate them to commit to training and reach a level where they could compete and represent their club and community. 

Today Peckham BMX is the number one BMX club in the UK, with four of its member’s part of the Olympic development team Plus they have produced two girls that were world number two and world number three in 2015 and two riders out of four that are on the Olympic team for the Rio Olympics. 

All of this has been achieved purely through the hard work and determination of CK, who would not give up on the young people he worked with and encouraged them to believe in themselves, and work hard to achieve.

In the New Year’s Honours List 2016, 

CK was awarded an MBE recognising the hard work he has done to dramatically change the life of hundreds of young people. 

This has motivated him to work even harder to ensure that every young person in Peckham and beyond is given the best opportunities to live a positive life and be the best that they can be and why the charity Community Give Back has been created. 

Through his work in the community over the past 12 years, he has been able to see first-hand the positive impact you can have on a young person’s life and journey in to adulthood, by providing them grass roots opportunities, giving them a place where they belong and feel empowered to take control and by proving that if you believe in young people, are consistent with your messages that you really can make a difference to their young lives.

As well as supporting young people, CK has 2 main passions, sport and music. Community Give Back will combine these passions and offer young people the opportunity to experience, train and develop skills in both.

They will be used as a vehicle to engage young people, increase their confidence, offer them work experience opportunities and qualifications and show them an alternative to anti-social and gang type behaviour. Added to this will be life skills sessions, including healthy cooking, support in education and careers and mentoring ensuring that we provide a full package. 

Those that know CK, will tell you what a larger than life character he is, how driven he is and how his passion and commitment to helping others is infectious. 

He sees the positive in every situation and in every person and wants to give young people the opportunity to make a better life for themselves. Over the past 12 years, he has worked with hundreds of young people and provides a realistic positive role model who young people can look up to.

Over his career in the music and sports world he has built up great partnerships with a number of organisations, all who are keen to support the work of Community Give Back.
“Giving back to the community of where we all grew up is something that means a lot to me, along with creating positive role models for the young people that are growing up in our community. It is important to show them that if they work hard and have full commitment to whatever they put their mind to then they will be rewarded just like myself with the MBE in 2016. 

There is no future without the young generation so we need to set a platform for younger adultsso they can bring the young people coming behind them from sport education with the right role models this can be achieved from now and always”.


Founder and CEO of Social Ark 

Lisa is an authentic East Ender of Polish and Irish descent. Lisa cares deeply about the community and making Tower Hamlets safe and inclusive for everyone, having always lived and worked locally. She started her career as a market trader and from an early age was honing her entrepreneurial skills. Lisa went on to support at-risk young people with legal issues and appeals. As a community volunteer, Lisa has raised substantial funds for education and charitable organisations and has strategically supported many more.

Lisa is a fellow of The School of Social Entrepreneurs, graduating in 2013. As the founder of Social Ark CIC, Lisa helps grassroots social entrepreneurs, whom she describes as 'hidden gems', to use their lived experience to develop social businesses and to create a better life for themselves and the community around them.









Joseph 'JP' Patterson is an esteemed music writer, editor and tastemaker based in London. In 2017, JP founded TRENCH Magazine, an online and print publication documenting black British music and culture. He's also the head editor at Complex UK, and has been with the company since 2014.

On top of these duties, JP is also a council member for the MOBO Awards and occasionally contributes to Pitchfork and Mixmag. Previously, he's held roles at MTV UK and MTV IGGY, worked as a freelance consultant for the likes of Boxfresh and Maharishi, and also had his own grime and UK rap segment on BBC Introducing/BBC Radio 1 alongside Ally McCrae.





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