After a high profile and recent spate of attacks in her borough (Camden), local LB Camden resident, Gemma Fox decided to do something about it. As a well-known Urban music artist & experienced Youth Employment Advisory Consultant, Gemma is both well connected and knowledgeable so was the ideal person to call the first PublicMeeting which was held in March 2018. During the event it was evident that there was several members present who had a

wealth of expertise. An instant decision was made to form a committee and see what we could do together. The demand was clear and urgent, the committee had the combined skills and resources required so Save Our Boys and Girls were established. We set up our office based in Highgate Newtown Community Centre where we were based. We chose this place as we were in the hub of Fresh Youth Club that has an age target of the young people we are reaching out to. Also this enabled us to run programmes and workshops for the young people within the catchment area of the youth club within the youth club itself.

Save Our Boys and Girls CIC is an independent and not-for-profit Social EnterpriseOrganisation. Currently Self-funded by its Board Members who are already all committed to providing better futures for our young people in London. We all actively encourage, engage and support young people to participate in community life and projects, helping them gain employment or get into education. As a team we work by building positive individual relationships with our young people an end-to-end service with the onus on long-term plans. It is so important for young people to foster a keen sense of wellbeing, self-esteem & an understanding of morals, values, beliefs and life. As ordinary people who have all worked extremely hard to get to where we are today.


Save Our Boys and Girls is a social enterprise that provides opportunities for young people in London (13 to 25 targeted and lower age on targeted) to pursue positive paths.

We do that through three programmes that inspire, support and where necessary, protect young people:

  1. CREATIVITY: chances for them to explore passions in music, film, production, media and business in the creative industries. Gain knowledge, experience and an industry specific CV and contacts.

  2. ETE – (Education, Training, Employment): Training opportunities, job required qualifications, sharing, work experience, shadowing, work/music professionals, CV, interview techniques, applications, DBS, clothing.

  3. SAFETY & SUPPORT: in select cases, using our network and experience to provide emergency care or escalation.


We are a collection of passionate, experienced professionals with backgrounds in music, production, public sector, charities, employment and rehabilitation. What unites us is our absolute determination to do something to save our young people and our belief that positivity and inspiration can help them make better decisions.


We are focused on helping young people in London between the ages of 13- 25. Through inspiration and support, our action is largely preventative – although we also provide interventions for those who are at risk or need more bespoke support.


Save Our Boys and Girls is a social enterprise and a Community Interest Company.

That means we are not-for-profit – so funds we raise cover our operational costs.

Our stats report for 2018

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