Save our Boys and GirlsHomework Club is an after school program serving students ages 5-16. Our Homework Club provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and mentors. We provide help and support in all school subjects. We strive to in-still good work habits, organisational skills, time management abilities, and a sense of accomplishment in every student. We believe that every student is capable of high achievements with the proper help and the support. While your child attends, you can rest assure that ALL homework will be completed to its perfection and with the expectation that the student understands every subject matter. We takes time and make an effort to ensure that students understand every assignment they complete, even the ones that they struggle with the most.

Save our Boys and Girls Homework Club takes place throughout the entire school year, Monday through to Friday with the exception of holidays and school breaks. Sessions begin after school and ensure that students complete their assignments without stress and anxiety.  Students who finish their work before the end of the session have an opportunity to relax in a chilled environment. Save our Boys and Girls takes the burden off families and allows the opportunity to have fun-family time every night, without stressing if homework is done or wondering if the child understood the work they completed. This club is for any student who wants to be successful in school and in future endeavours. Our homework club environment allows each student to build the social and behavioural skills that contribute to classroom success. In addition, help students with not just one subject but with all subjects they are learning in school.

We strive to ensure that students do not struggle with any subject, but if they do, we create pathways and explain in ways they will understand. We can and will go the extra mile to pinpoint and improve your student's anxiety. At the same time, students will show improvement not in just one subject but all at the same time. Best of all, our students make new friends and learn to work together as a group.


Who Will Benefit From Save our Boys and Girls Homework Club?

       Students who......

  • "Forget" to do homework
  • Refuse to do homework
  • Take "forever" to get homework done
  • Turn in homework late or incomplete
  • Seem confused and disorganized
  • Feel stressed and need further instruction and explanation
  • Lose interest in learning
  • Need extra support and clarification
  • Seem reluctant to talk about school
  • Support with different school subjects
  • Need support, encouragement, motivation, consistency and structure
  • Require an adult supervision and mentorship
  • Parents work long hours

Mission Statement

Save our Boys and Girls Homework Club mission is to create and support lifetime learners with a strong foundation in their core school subjects. We strive to build strong students by supporting and mentoring them with daily skills and the confidence and motivation to pursue goals and dreams with enthusiasm. Save our Boys and Girls Homework Club put forth unconditional effort to in still good work habits, organisational skills, time management abilities, and a sense of accomplishment in every student. Here we have established an atmosphere for comfortable learning while targeting problem areas and helping our students overcome individual obstacles.


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