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Amy from Sage running on behalf of SOBAG fundraiser @ Madjeski Stadium Reading

Please Press the link below to be taken to the just giving page

Please Press the link below to be taken to the just giving page

Weʼre raising £500 to help fund Save our Boys and Girls - a social enterprise that provides opportunities and support for young people in London.

Amy’s Story

I want to raise some funds for an organisation I have been volunteering with called Save our Boys and Girls.

They are a bunch of passionate, experienced professionals with backgrounds in music, production, public sector, charities, employment and rehabilitation. They’re combining all of this experience to help young people in London get inspiration and support so that they make better choices.

Of course, many of us feel shocked, saddened and frustrated by the recent stories about young people and violent crime in London – this lot are actually getting together to do something about it.

Here’s how it works. A young person comes to them. They put that young person through a short motivational course which helps them describe their ambitions and set some goals to get there. Then they are put into one of three streams.

Either they are given access to work experience in the creative industries, or even training – for example a DJ training session with a music legend like DJ Jumpin Jack Frost and Recording Studio experience at .

Or they are given support with education, training or employment – so CV support, interview preparation.

And finally, in some rare but extreme circumstances, their cases can be escalated to give them help with emergency housing or support with navigating the criminal justice system.

SOBAG has been running for a year, almost entirely self funded, and some funding would really help them professionalise their services and support more young people through this process.

Please help me support SOBAG by sponsoring me to run the Sage Reading Half Marathon.