Our Programs



·Job Club for U25’s held every Monday evening to include Job Vacancies & Recruitment, and activities such as Application Form Assistance, Apprenticeship Matching & CV Writing.





18 Malden Road, NW5 3HN


·               Mentoring Programme

·               Music tuition to include learning to play an instrument, theory and                      instruction, attending high profile music events, additionally, the                          opportunity to participate in bands, orchestras and choirs!

·               #HeyDJ: DJ and Music workshops; developing and working with all                        the raw talent in the borough.

·               Homework Club

·               Educational support and guidance service

·               Specialist surgeries to include Weapon Awareness, Stop & Search The                  Law, Self-Defence, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Housing, Legal Issues

·               Art classes

·               The Danger Squad: a specialist programme designed to teach KS1/2                       Emergency Awareness, Preparedness and Response.

·               A Thoughts Tree where young people are encouraged to share their                     thoughts, dreams and fears as a young person today. These                                      #ApplesofThought can be made anonymously with no fear of reprisal.

·            #Talk2Nicky: free counselling sessions available for young people who                  may have been affected by violent crime or weapon attacks.                                     Additionally, Nicky will offer a selection of positive and motivational                   courses/programmes.

·            #TheBeautySalon: free makeovers, make-up and hairdressing lessons                   and the chance to have a good chat in a relaxed environment.

·           #BarberShop: free haircuts and Barber shop training for young people

·           #CommunityFridge: supporting families struggling with life and debts,              offering free pack lunches or after-school treats.

            #SpeakToTheBoss: Entrepreneurial lessons on life and business.

·           Young Entrepreneurs Market:  Engaging our budding business leaders                of tomorrow while regenerating a local market, Queens Crescent. Each                week a young entrepreneur will be able to promote, market and sell                      their own work/brands.

·           BMX Track: Plans to regenerate a piece of local wasteland into an active              BMX track for young people to practice their bike skills and learn some              new ones. Opportunities for national and global achievement within                   this programme.

·          #GameNight: Young people can come in and play non-violent games.                   Games like FIFA, Basket Ball etc will be played to develop skill, team                     work and communication. They can bring their own controller and play             with peers having tournaments amongst themselves.

·          Book club: Young people can come in and read a book or exchange a                     book and take a book away. We will also help those that are having                        difficulty in reading or struggle with Dyslexia.

          Parenting Classes: actively driving for cohesive relationships with local              families and parents, the classes are designed to bring awareness and                  solutions to households.