Our Vision, Mission, Values & Aims

As a grass root, youth led, community based social enterprise, Save Our Boys and Girls provides free opportunities for young people in the UK aged between 3 to 25 with the main objective to pursue and sustain a positive life and path.We aim to achieve this through our creative arts programmes and events that engage, inspire, support and change, developing skills, transferable skills, gaining experience, raising confidence and aspirations and placing into activities and placements, keeping them focused, busy and constantly progressing. 


Our Vision

By 2022,  We will engage, inspire, develop and support over 3000 young people into positive outcomes through our creative arts programmes and events within the UK. 


Our Mission

To engage, inspire, develop and support young people by helping to identify & develop personal strengths and natural intelligences. Improving mental wellbeing and self confidence through the many channels of creative arts. 


Our Values

Solution focused  : SOBAG is a non-blaming, solution focused organisation. We address issues, barriers and potential problems with positive pathways. We believe in finding solutions, rather than focusing on the negatives.

Youth Led  : SOBAG is a youth led organisation, therefore, all of our ideas, events and programmes are initiated though our youth focus groups which are later led and evaluated by our young people. Young people are expert at knowing what interests young people. 

Positive  :  SOBAG implements and endorses a  positive ethos and value We do not blame anyone, we simply find solutions. 

Inclusive : SOBAG operates towards an inclusive principal, which means everyone is welcome and included. 

Empowerment : SOBAG aims to empower its young people and the wider community by supporting the development, life & social skills and  confidence of young people. 

Community wellbeing and inclusion : SOBAG aims to create working partnerships with organisations and businesses within each and every community. 

Collaborative working : SOBAG works with other providers, local authorities, grass roots organisations, schools and colleges. Working cohesively is extremely important for the wellbeing of society and the wider community.

Creative : SOBAG aims to provide opportunities and positive outcomes whilst helping to improve mental health and wellbeing by expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions through creative the arts. Which in turn further inspires the community. 


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